The accountancy office Euro Consulting was established in
Gdynia to perform comprehensive services of tax counseling,
accounting and human resources and payrolls.

The primary goal of our accountancy office is performing professional services for businesses so we perform our all services in reliable and professional manner, putting emphasis on an individual approach to a client. We perform comprehensive accounting and tax services, and human resources and payrolls services and overseas profits services for entities of various scopes of activity and legal form within the territory of whole Poland and Europe. To our clients belong individuals, sole traders as well as large international companies and corporations.

Comprehensive services
for companies

Euro Consulting is an accountancy office which will get you through all formalities related to establishment, maintaining or liquidation of any business. We ensure to our clients counseling for choice a form of operating a business activity and representation before the authorities. We permamently cooperate with the best and experienced law firms, notary offices and statutory auditors. In accordance to the applicable provisions we are insured in respect of civil liability under PZU S.A.

Accounting services for foreign businesses

Modern businesses operating at Polish and European market are seeking an accountancy office and a tax counsel in the field of fulfilling duties and obligations stemming from local provisions and will deliver necessary, clear and reliable information for a foreign entity. That is why we take care of preparing all types of reports, including in English language, for purposes of a management board and owners of a business, including foreign ones. We maintain accounting of incomes of foreign businesses which are not residents of Poland in accordance to provisions of a country in which they are registered (for example Great Britain). We work using Polish and English financial and accounting computer systems.


AccountingHuman resourcesTax CounselingPersonal earnings and taxes (domestic and overseas)


The price of the performed service is each time determined on individual basis in a form of a monthly lump sum fee, without strict calcuation of number of documents for booking.
The price depends on characteristics/industry of operated activity and the degree of complexity of settlements, for example whether only country transactions or as well international ones such as import, export, within the Union.
The price does not depend on the turnover of the business and when returning tax to individuals a commission fee in % is not charged on the sum of the return.

Our team consists of properly educated and experienced employees.

We know how important meticulousness and security is for operating and accountancy and taxation office, especially if we perform our services not only within the territory of Poland but whole Europe. That is why our business is fully liable for professionality, reliablity and compatibility of conducted cases with standards of accounting, the applicable provisions of the Polish financial law and the Polish tax law.

Competency of our business in the field of accounting is supported by not only our theoretical knowledge and constant expansion of qualifications, but also high amount of practice and experience in accountancy services. We possess a right to maintain accounting books as a service. Thanks to operation of accountancy offices and their own businesses by owners of Euro Consulting we know perfectly characteristics of various industries. Our accountancy office services petitioners in Polish and English languages.

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